My Shop

A luthiers shop like an artists studio is a personal space reflective of the individual


The dial indicator gets me to the thousandth of an inch but the final setup is specific to each musicians hand and playing style. Ideally they are present for the final set up so I can sweeten the action as they play.

Few things sound nicer than a razor sharp blade pushing through ebony. There is a place for machinery in my shop but hand tools are king.

A organized shop is a productive shop, I use specialized guitar tools and the finest woodworking tools available.

My ever growing Lie Nielsen Plane family. I have found them to be accurate and a joy to use. I also like early 1900’s Bailey planes but choose to remove the frog and attach sandpaper to their leveled soles and use them as sanding beams.

Various files used for shaping bone nuts, and guitar necks. The pointy one in the middle is a hand made Japanese file that leaves a finish better than machine made rasp. I keep my fret work files in another drawer.